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The best Barbie fashion games online

Barbie is definitely the most popular doll in the whole world. Originally produced by the company Mattel, since 1959 it became a wordwide success. Just in the first year of production more than 350,000 of these wonderful dolls were sold. There are over 100,000 Barbie collectors in the world, 90 percent of them being of course women.

new Barbie fashion games

Having the possibility of home PC, tablet or even a mobile phone with internet connection, it is quite simple to find a website to play Barbie fashion games online. When playing online, you don't have to install anything on your hardware.

There are many types of games for girls, the most popular of them show you a beautiful girl that needs to get dressed to a special occasion, like wedding, party, beach etc. Other games included cooking a tasty meal.

The following are some of the best online Barbie games:

1. Barbie doll dress up game

One of the more simple games where you have a Barbie doll in front of you and your task is to dress her up in fashion clothes. There is a wide choice of dresses and accesories to choose from and everything in different colors. Enjoy the most beautifull girl in the world and dress her nicely.

barbie fashion games online

2. Cute Barbie waitress dress up

She is not just a very nice girl, but also active and working hard. Today working as waitress in a romantic restaurant. You may choose very short skirts to make her look very attractive for the guests she is going to serve. Or longer decent dress. Of course don't forget trendy shoes. What fits Barbie the most is the high heels.

3. Glamorous Barbie fashion styling

This is one of my favorite Barbie dress games as she looks here really amazing and there is a wide selection of beautiful costumes to pick from. She looks great in almost anything but the most fitting colors are yellow and pink as well. And a wonderful thing is a small shiny crown on her head with many jewels in it.

Barbie is a very attractive girl and of course she is never alone. She prefers spending her free time (even though she works quite a lot) with her boyfriend Ken. His full name is Ken Carson. His clothes are usually very fashionable. His figure is slim, but broader shoulders show his masculinity and his muscles are not huge, but fitting to his look.

There are thousands of Barbie doll collectors around the world. Even though 90% of them are women, there are men who collect Barbies as well. 45% of them all spend more than one thousand dollars per year to enlarge their valuable collections. The highest value for which a doll set was sold was more than $17.000 (seventeen thousand) U.S. Dollars. The transaction was done back in 2006.

Barbie loves animals and she has maybe hundreds of different kinds of pets. Most of them being probably horses with romantic names as Dancer, Dixie, Honey or Trotter. She loves dogs as well and cats, parrots and even a zebra, panda etc.